On December 20 Ironman announced new qualification criteria for professional’s to get to Kona starting in 2019.  The pro qualification will work similar to the way amateurs qualify – by placing in their age group.

  • All pro races will have 2 qualifying spots; 1 male, and 1 female.
  • Regional championships will have 6 qualifying spots; 2 male, 2 female, and 2 additional spots.
  • The Kona podium from the previous year will be automatic qualifiers.
  • The 70.3 World Champion from the previous year will also receive an automatic qualifier.
  • Kona World Champions will continue to have a 5-year exemption.
  • There will be approximately 100 spots for pros at Kona.

Using this criteria we put together a hypothetical list of 91 of the 100 the athletes who would have qualified for Kona in 2017.

Female Race

Athlete Qualifying Race Qualifying Result Kona 2017?
Daniela Ryf Ironman World Champion Exemption Yes
Mirinda Carfrae Ironman World Champion Exemption   No*
Leanda Cave Ironman World Champion Exemption Yes
Holly Lawrence Ironman 70.3 World Champion Exemption   No
Heather Jackson Ironman World Championship Podium Exemption Yes
Catherine Faux Ironman Vichy 1 No
Darbi Roberts Ironman Wales 1 No
Liz Lyles Ironman Wisconsin 1 Yes
Leslie Miller Ironman Wisconsin 2 No
Jocelyn Mccauley Ironman Mallorca 1 Yes
Astrid Stienen Ironman Barcelona 1 Yes
Diana Riesler Ironman Malaysia 1 Yes
Meredith Kessler Ironman Arizona 1 No*
Michelle Vesterby Ironman Cozumel 1 Yes
Melissa Hauschildt Ironman Western Australia 1 Yes
Laura Siddall Ironman New Zealand 2 Yes
Kaisa Sali Ironman South Africa 2 Yes
Susie Cheetham Ironman South Africa 3 Yes
Gurutze Frades Ironman South Africa 4 Yes
Jodie Robertson Ironman Texas 1 Yes
Michaela Herlbauer Ironman Texas 2 Yes
Maja Stage Nielsen Ironman Texas 3 Yes
Michelle Gailey Ironman Australia 2 No
Lucy Charles Ironman Lanzarote 1 Yes
Susie Cheetham Ironman Florianopolis 1 Yes
Sonja Tajsich Ironman Florianopolis 2 Yes
Haley Chura Ironman Florianopolis 3 Yes
Rachel Joyce Ironman Boulder 1 Yes
Sarah Crowley Ironman Cairns 1 Yes
Sarah Piampino Ironman Cairns 2 Yes
Eva Wutti Ironman Austria 1 No
Alexandra Tondeur Ironman Frankfurt 3 Yes
Dimity-Lee Duke Ironman Frankfurt 7 Yes
Lucy Gossage Ironman UK 1 No*
Carrie Lester Ironman France 1 Yes
Celine Schaerer Ironman Switzerland 1 Yes
Linsey Corbin Ironman Canada 1 Yes
Jen Annett Ironman Canada 2 No
Saleta Castro Nogueira Ironman Netherlands 1 No
Daniela Sammler Ironman Hamburg 1 No
Cornnie Abraham Ironman Copenhagen 2 Yes
Sofie Goos Ironman Copenhagen 3 No
Kim Schwabenbauer Ironman Mont Tremblant 2 No

*Mirinda Carfrae was pregnant and did not validate. Meredith Kessler was pregnant and declined her spot. Lucy Gossage declined her spot.


Male Race

Athlete Qualifying Race Qualifying Result Kona 2017?
Jan Frodeno Ironman World Champion Exemption Yes
Sebastian Kienle Ironman World Champion Exemption Yes
Frederik Van Lierde Ironman World Champion Exemption Yes
Pete Jacobs Ironman World Champion Exemption Yes
Timothy Reed Ironman 70.3 World Champion Exemption Yes
Patrick Lange Ironman World Championship Podium Exemption Yes
Harry Wiltshire Ironman Vichy 1 Yes
Marc Duelsen Ironman Wales 1 Yes
Carlos Lopez Diaz Ironman Mallorca 1 Yes*
Jeff Symonds Ironman Chattanooga 2 No
Matt Russell Ironman Chattanooga 3 Yes
Patrik Nilsson Ironman Barcelona 1 Yes
Fredrik Croneborg Ironman Malaysia 1 No
Lionel Sanders Ironman Arizona 1 Yes
Chris Leiferman Ironman Cozumel 3 No
Terenzo Bozzone Ironman Western Australia 1 Yes
Braden Currie Ironman New Zealand 1 Yes
Ben Hoffman Ironman South Africa 1 Yes
Nils Frommhold Ironman South Africa 2 Yes
David Mcnamee Ironman South Africa 3 Yes
Matt Hanson Ironman Texas 1 Yes
Ronnie Schildknecht Ironman Texas 2 Yes
Tyler Butterfield Ironman Texas 3 Yes
David Dellow Ironman Australia 1 Yes
Bart Aernouts Ironman Lanzarote 1 Yes
Tim Don Ironman Florianopolis 1 Yes
Kyle Buckingham Ironman Florianopolis 2 Yes
Igor Amorelli Ironman Florianopolis 3 Yes
Tim O’Donnell Ironman Boulder 1 Yes
Joshua Amberger Ironman Cairns 1 Yes
Joe Gambles Ironman Cairns 2 Yes
Tim Van Berkel Ironman Cairns 4 Yes
Michael Fox Ironman Cairns 6 Yes
Eneko Llanos Ironman Austria 2 Yes
Andi Boecherer Ironman Frankfurt 2 Yes*
James Cunnama Ironman Frankfurt 4 Yes
Ivan Tutukin Ironman Frankfurt 5 Yes
Marko Albert Ironman Frankfurt 7 Yes
Cyril Viennot Ironman UK 1 Yes
Brent Mcmahon Ironman Lake Placid 1 Yes
Andy Potts Ironman Lake Placid 2 Yes
Alessandro Degasperi Ironman France 2 Yes
Nicholas Kastelein Ironman Switzerland 1 Yes
Michael Weiss Ironman Netherlands 1 Yes
Horst Reichel Ironman Hamburg 2 No
Clemente Alonso-Mckernan Ironman Sweden 1 No
Cameron Wurf Ironman Sweden 2 Yes
Chris McDonald Ironman Mont Tremblant 2 Yes

*Carlos Lopez Diaz qualified but was injured and did not race.  Andi Boecherer qualified but was injured and did not race.

**Marino Vanhoenacker was not included because he stated that he will not race Kona again.

Under the new rules the following athletes might not have qualified for the Ironman World Championships in 2017:

Female: Annabel Luxford (9), Mareen Hufe (11), Asa Lundstroem (17), Lauren Brandon (26), Katharina Grohmann (28), Anja Beranek (DNF), Camilla Pedersen (DNF), Kristin Moeller (DNF), Alicia Kaye (DNF), Nikki Bartlett (DNF), Jeanne Collonge (DNF)

Male: Boris Stein (10), Ivan Rana (11), Thiago Vinhal (13), Ruedi Wild (16), Jan Van Berkel (22), Jesse Thomas (27), Giulio Molinari (28), Denis Chevrot (32), Reinaldo Colucci (38), Patrick Evoe (39), Markus Fachbach (40), Kaito Tohara (41), Daniel Fontana (DNF), Kirill Kotshegarov (DNF), David Plese (DNF)


  • For male only, or female only races we assumed there would still be 2 spots which would both go to 1 gender
  • We assumed athletes would accept their slots (except for Marino Vanhoenacker)